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12 Tips to Preventing Headaches: Scappoose Chiropractor, 97056


Do you struggle with frequent headaches?  Don’t give up!  Here are 12 tips to preventing headaches.

1)  Visit your chiropractor regularly

2)  Drink plenty of water

3)  Move!  Don’t stay in the same position for longer than 20 minutes

4)  Get an eye examination

5)  Get tested for food allergies; avoid foods that are known to cause headaches

6)  Stretch regularly, also before and after activities

7)  Replace your pillow every 6 months

8)  Get plenty of sleep

9)  Use regular stress relieving activities

10)  Ergonomically arrange your workstation

11)  Stop smoking

12)  Use proper breathing


What NOT TO DO about your headaches:

Cover them with pain relievers and ignore them.  This method of treatment tells you nothing about the source of the pain.  Some headaches can be warning signs of serious health conditions.


What TO DO about you headaches:

Visit your chiropractor.  Chiropractic treatment can alleviate headaches in as little as one treatment!  If you notice neck stiffness, neck pain, jaw discomfort, and upper body tension you may be suffering from tension headaches.  Chiropractic adjustments provide proper alignment to the spine, relax tight muscles, and remove nerve irritation.  Adjustments can alleviate tension and migraine headaches and prevent them in the future.  Chiropractors are highly trained in musculoskeletal conditions and will evaluate to rule out serious health conditions prior to treatment.


Don’t continue to struggle, let us help you.  Schedule your free headache consultation today!

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