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We Accept Insurance!


Chiropractic care is an accepted form of health care that is less expensive that medications and surgery.  More and more insurance companies are finding this through pilot studies and are allowing members to have ‘complimentary care’ packages added to their health policies.

Currently we are able to accept payment from the following types of insurance:

Auto insurance policies (for auto accident recovery)

Workers Compensation insurance (depends on the carrier, for recovery from on the job injuries)

Kaiser Permanente/CHP Group


Regence/Blue Cross Blue Shield


American Specialty Health

Healthways Whole Health

United Health Care



Health Net

Medicare Part B

Don’t see your insurance here?  Call us, we may be able to join!


Not sure if you have coverage?  Call us at (503) 481-0225 or email us at truebalancechiropractor@gmail.com.  We will verify your insurance benefits and advise you of any out of pocket costs.  Services are never performed without disclosing the cost in advance.

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