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Car Accident Injuries? How to feel better Fast

Get Relief from Auto Accident Injuries QUICKLY with these 3 Tips:

1:  Know your treatment options for car accident injuries:

Seeking chiropractic care the day of the accident is very beneficial.  Don’t go home to rest and leave the injuries to set in.  Get adjusted as soon as possible so your body doesn’t adapt to the misalignment and muscle spasm created by a high velocity injury.  A chiropractic adjustment relieves irritation and impingement from your nervous system.  This irritation can muffle the signals coming from your brain to help the injuries heal.  Without making a clear pathway for information to get from the brain to the injury your body’s healing abilities will be delayed.  A chiropractic adjustment will also release endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killers and restore normal joint motion.

2:  Improve your immune system to heal from car accident injuries:

The immune system is the primary component of healing.  If it is weak then the healing process will be delayed.  Chiropractic adjustments will remove nerve irritation which blocks the messages from the brain to the injured area.  Nerves are the bodies main way for communicating and must be working properly to alert the immune system.  You may support your immune system by treating your body as if you were sick.  Drink plenty of fluids, eat a balanced diet, and take good quality whole food vitamins for insurance.

3:  Reduce anxiety after a car accident:  Assure yourself you will get better!

With my experience those who believe they will never feel “normal” again do not respond to any type of treatment as quickly as those who know they will recover.  Trust your body’s natural ability to heal itself.  Do your best to remove any interruptions like miscommunication in the nervous system, toxins like tobacco and alcohol, and unnatural chemicals.  Know your favorite activity for stress relief and perform it daily, eat only good food, and keep a positive outlook on life.  Your body can and will naturally heal itself.

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We work with many insurance companies, and auto insurance covers 100% of chiropractic and massage therapy for members recovering from car accident injuries.

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