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How much is it to see the chiropractor?


Wouldn’t planning your healthcare be easier if you knew the answer to this question?

The answer you get will likely be a wide price range followed by “it all depends on what procedures they do.”  When we go grocery shopping we have a list of what ingredients to get for dinner and therefore we can budget accordingly.  Unfortunately with healthcare it is impossible for the office manager to provide you a ‘shopping list’ of procedures that will give you the best results over the phone and relay the total cost.

To solve this problem while continuing to offer affordable care, and staying compliant with healthcare regulations we have become participating providers with ChiroHealthUSA.

ChiroHealthUSA is a discount program for chiropractic care that allows offices to cap the costs for initial visits and regular follow-up treatments.  This means that you will always know the exact cost of your care, no matter what procedures are necessary.  Anyone can join ChiroHealthUSA for only $39 and you may add your dependents at no cost.

For more information about ChiroHealthUSA and for the answer to the question “how much to see the chiropractor” contact us at (503) 481-0225.

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