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Headache Solutions: Chiropractic may be the answer

Chiropractic offers effective treatment for headaches and neck pain without the side effects and adverse reactions that come from medications.

Headaches: are they due to a lack of ibuprofen?  No, probably not, so then why do we reach into the medicine cabinet when we feel one coming on?

 The most common causes of headaches are tight muscles in the neck, misaligned joints in the neck or upper back, poor posture, dehydration, food allergies, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, or stress.

Each of these headache triggers has a much more effective solution than consuming ibuprofen or other pain medications.

 Chiropractic offers long-term solutions to headaches by aligning the joints of the neck and spine, which allows muscles to relax and removes irritation from nerves in the neck and head that cause headaches.  Chiropractic is a form of rehabilitation; it is necessary to train the joints and muscles to remain in the optimal position, similar to wearing braces on the teeth to correct their alignment.  Treatment for headaches typically consists of four or less visits, then infrequent visits for maintenance and preventive care.

Chiropractic care for headaches includes the evaluation of all common causes of headaches to identify the best treatment for you.  The less common headaches may be caused by serious medical conditions that your chiropractor is trained to identify and recommend appropriate medical care.

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