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Dr. Darcelle Tetzlaff

Dr. Darcy is new to Columbia County and is excited to serve the community by helping families optimize and balance their overall health.  Practicing as a chiropractor fulfills her passion to help those in chronic pain and recover from acute injuries.  She works with people of all ages and strives to deliver high quality care at all times.

Prior to becoming a chiropractor Dr. Darcy was a chiropractic patient.  She found amazing results from chiropractic care while on the road to recovery from a serious car accident she was involved in.  After seeing first hand the success of the treatment she wanted to be able to give back to others the quality of care she was fortunate enough to have experienced.  Her studies began at the University of Western States and in 2015 she became a Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in Oregon.  She strongly believes that your general health stems from a well-aligned structure.