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Water: Reduces back pain, neck pain, headaches, and more

Water:  improves appearance, performance, and overall health

Skin:  Water hydrates the skin to give it a lovely glow, and helps to minimize the visibility of wrinkles.  It can clear acne conditions, heal dry itchy skin, and support elastin.  Our bodies require water in order to produce new healthy cells.

Height:  Have you ever wondered why grandma is six inches shorter than she use to be?  As we age it becomes more difficult to maintain hydration.  Even the discs between each vertebra begin to dry out.  These are the main shock absorbers in the spine and if dried out they flatten and begin to degenerate.  Drinking more water can keep the intervertebral discs from dehydrating, prevent arthritis, and maintain height as we age by maintaining their fluffy shape.

Joints:  Joint fluid is primarily made up of water.  Increasing the water intake can reduce joint pain and arthritis symptoms significantly by providing adequate joint lubrication.

 Athletic performance:  Muscles contain a high percentage of water and require water to function.  As dehydration sets in the muscles fatigue and energy is lost.  Your body uses water to regulate temperature and the inability to produce enough sweat to cool may hinder your activity.  Always increase your water intake before, during, and after exercising for a more productive work out.

Headaches:  They definitely are not due to a deficiency in Ibuprofen, so why do we reach for the pills when we feel one coming on?  Instead try reaching for the water, as headaches can be a message from your brain telling you it is thirsty.

Weight:  Water is a zero calorie drink that is a great replacement for soda, coffee, and energy drinks.  Many people are surprised to read how many calories their favorite drink contains, and not to mention that there are actually 4 servings in one bottle.  Water is an appetite suppressant that naturally increases metabolism and is the main source for energy.  Drinking caffeine and alcohol causes the body to release excess water, therefore promoting dehydration.

Immunity:  Water is used for cleansing the body inside and out.  Water flushes toxins from the body.  It is required for the production of saliva, which is important in preventing bacterial growth in the mouth.

 Digestion:  Water improves digestion.  Room temperature to warm water is best and should be enjoyed with every meal.

Live longer:  Those who drink more water have fewer occurrences of serious health conditions.  It can prevent cancer, prevent heart attack, lower blood pressure, prevent kidney stones, decrease stress, help depression, and reduce anxiety. 

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