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How does chiropractic work?

How is chiropractic such an effective way of treating pain, mobility restrictions, and maintaining health?

Manually manipulating dysfunctional joints can reduce muscle pain and tension, improve joint motion, increase flexibility, reduce joint pain, increase blood circulation, and increase the rate at which the body heals.

1)  With receiving a chiropractic adjustment the body releases endorphins.  These are natural chemicals that work like morphine to reduce pain.  Endorphins are responsible for the pain relief felt with each chiropractic adjustment.

2)  Manipulation guides joints into the proper position.  Injuries, poor posture, and muscle imbalance can create misalignment.  As with your vehicle tires, misalignment causes poor wearing on the tires, misalignment in the joins causes poor wearing of the joints.

3)  Chiropractic can help to remove nerve impingement and/or nerve irritation and allow normal nervous system communication to result in optimal health and wellness.

All nerves in the body are routed from the brain to the spinal cord, then they must exit through tiny holes in the vertebra.  The nerves then travel to the organ or body part in which they control.

If there is an irritation or impingement of a nerve then the message being delivered from the brain may not reach the body part intended or the signal may be diminished resulting in less optimal performance of the body part.

Symptoms of nerve irritation or impingement may include nerve pain, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, and even problems with organs such as the heart resulting in elevated blood pressure, or the immune system causing poor immunity and delays in the healing process.  It all depends on which nerve is irritated and what body part that pinched nerve signals to.