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How long does it take for Chiropractic to work?

The time it takes for chiropractic results depends on you and your goals.

Many people feel immediate results, and for some it may take a few treatments.  If chiropractic care is the right treatment for your condition, you should see results within the first 4 treatments.  If no results are achieved within the first four treatments Dr. Teah will perform a re-examination and either change the treatment plan or refer you to another type of provider for an evaluation.

For those with injuries, chiropractic care is a type of rehabilitation.  We must work to align the body and train the muscles and joints to stay in that normal balanced position.  Since we are not able to send you home with a ‘pill bottle of adjustments’ to take, you may find frequent treatments over a short period of time are necessary until the body begins to maintain the aligned position.

The rate of recovery usually depends on how long the problem has been going on, the patient’s age, the patient’s job/home activities, any complicating health conditions, patient compliance with the recommended treatment plan, and if the patient is a regular chiropractic patient.

Those patients who seek chiropractic care regularly for wellness purposes tend to respond more quickly when receiving care for injury relief and they also notice injuries occur less often.